Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lost Dog!

Hi folks!

My niece's dog is lost. My brother was boarding her dog and apparently he says someone cut the fence on January 13th and the dogs got out. The only dog left out there is a 1-year-old American Eskimo, male, who answers to the name Samson (or Sam). He is NOT wearing a collar or ID, though, and was lost in the Emmett/Port Huron, Michigan area. He'll be two in March. If anyone is in the area and happens to see him or managed to pick him up, please let me know.

Here is what he looks like:

Monday, January 19, 2009

Family Remains

Dean, trying his best to avoid sleep, keeps things going with one investigation after another. He sends them to investigate the appearance of a young female ghost in an abandoned house; however, things get complicated when a family moves in.

The ghost apparently lives within the walls. She makes an appearance to the young boy in the family, but no one believes him about the girl in the walls. She wants him to stay but the rest of his family must go. They refuse, which causes the ghost to start hunting them.

Sam and Dean are on the scene to rescue the family, but their rescue attempt goes awry when the ghost steals their weapons. And things go from bad to worse when they realize the ghost isn't a ghost at all, but a human girl who has been locked up since she was born. Now they must save the family from a pyschotic menace before anyone else dies.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

3.03 Bad Day at Black Rock

Gordon is talking to Kubrick and tells him he believes Sam Winchester isn’t human, and he is part of the war. Gordon wants Sam to die. Kubrick tells Gordon that he’ll find Sam.

Dean confronts Sam about not killing Ruby. Sam believes her when she says she can help Dean, but Dean insists that she is lying.

The boys head to a storage place that was kept by their dad. Inside they find blood on the floor, meaning whoever entered the storage place was attacked. They find cursed boxes their dad kept, and realize that one is missing.

Two guys whom are working for Bella (hunter) had stolen the box. They open it up and find a rabbits foot. Whoever touches the rabbits foot gets lucky, and if you lose it, that luck changes.

The boys find the guys who stole the box, from their license plate they saw on the security camera. They barge in, and start a fight with the two guys (pretty funny fight scene). Sam grabs the rabbit’s foot, and the other two men end up knocking themselves out by falling. The men regain consciousness and one of them ends up killing himself (the one who touched the rabbit’s foot).

Dean goes and buys scratch offs, since they are in possession of the rabbit’s foot, so he is taking advantage of it to win some extra cash.

Sam calls Bobby and he informs them about the cursed rabbit’s foot. Bobby tells Sam that everybody always loses the rabbits foot, and your luck will change. You’ll be dead within a week. The boys head inside a restaurant, and because of the luck, they win free food for a year. Bella steals the rabbit’s foot from Sam’s jacket.

Suddenly, the luck changes and Sam knocks over the waiters. They run outside and Sam falls onto the cement. His pants rip and his knees are scraped up.

The boys head back to the apartment where the two guys had originally stolen the foot. Dean talks to the guy, and meanwhile Sam takes a step forward and suddenly trips over a cord, knocks the radio down and falls on the lamp.

Dean tells Bobby that the foot was stolen and Bobby informs him that it was Bella. Meanwhile, while Dean is on the phone with Bobby, Sam steps on a piece of gum, and in trying to get the gum off his shoe, he loses his shoe in the sewer.

Dean says he is heading to Queens, where Bella is staying. He tells Sam to sit tight, and not move. Sam doesn’t move, but the vent starts to smoke. Sam goes over to investigate it and it starts a fire. He puts the fire out with a blanket, but then suddenly his arm on his jacket catches fire. Sam goes to put it out with a blanket, but in the process falls backwards and knocks himself out.
Meanwhile, Dean approaches Bella, and tells her to give back the rabbit’s foot. Bella wants it to sell it for money. Dean ends up stealing the rabbit’s foot back.

Kubrick ties up Sam, and tells him that Gordon told him all about him. Sam tells him that he has no powers or visions anymore. Kubrick takes his gun and points it at Sam, but Dean barges in. Dean is in possession of the rabbit’s foot, so he tells them that it’s his lucky day. He takes a pen, and throws it towards Kubricks gun. It gets lodged into the gun. Dean throws a remote and it hits Kubrick in the head, knocking him out. Because of what Dean is capable of, Dean tells Sam, “I’m Batman.”

Sam and Dean go to burn the rabbit’s foot, but Bella interrupts. Bella insists Dean put the foot down, but he doesn’t, so Bella shoots Sam in the shoulder. Dean goes to put the foot down, but instead throws it at Bella, and she ends up catching up. Now they have to burn the foot, so no one will have bad luck. Bella leaves, but not before stealing Dean’s scratch offs out of his jacket.

Kubrick goes back to talk to Gordon. Gordon tells Kubrick that he needs to get out of jail because as he stated before, Sam needs to die.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

3.02 The Kids are Alright

Dean wants to head to Indiana to meet up with Lisa, a woman he hooked up with eight years ago.

Upon arriving in Indiana, Dean is shocked to realize that Lisa is having a birthday party for her eight year old son, Ben. Dean is surprised to find out how much Ben relates to him (likes ACDC, talks similar, and loves girls).

Meanwhile, another woman at the party has a daughter named Katie. The mother tells Lisa how she doesn’t think Katie is normal, and she is not acting like herself. Lisa insures her it’s probably just because she lost of her father due to a power saw accident. However, the mother is pretty sure her daughter isn’t normal.

Sam is researching on his laptop when Ruby joins him. Sam is shocked to find out that Ruby knows everything about Sam. Ruby tells Sam to go look up information on his mom’s friends.

Dean calls Sam, and lets him know that there is a case they need to work on. Four other freak accidents have happened all within this community.

Sam investigates a home where he finds blood on the window sill of the child’s bedroom. Meanwhile Dean tells Ben to stand up for himself. Another boy stole Ben’s video game, so Ben goes and kicks the kid to get his game back. Dean is happy. Lisa comes and yells at Dean to leave them alone. Ben leaves but not without giving Dean a hug first and telling him thanks for helping him get his game back. Dean then notices that he kids in the town are acting all weird.

Katie’s mother drives her car into the water with Katie in it. She comes back to her house, only to realize that Katie is sitting on a stool dripping wet and asking for ice cream.

Sam tells Dean that that Changeling’s are manipulating the children in the town. They snatch the kid, and take its form, and at night feed on the mother. Anyone who gets in the way of its food ends up dying. The only way to waste them is fire. The real kids are snatched underground somewhere. Dean stops at Lisa’s house, only to realize that the changeling has already gotten Ben.

Immediately Sam and Dean head to a real estates home. They find that the blood on the window sills is really red dirt. Dean finds the kids, and lets them out. Sam wastes the changeling with fire.

Dean explains to Lisa what happened and he tells her about his job. He asked if Ben is his and Lisa tells him no, Ben’s father is some biker dude. Dean looks disappointed and tells Lisa that he would have been proud to be Ben’s father.

Sam approaches Ruby and tells her that all his mother’s friends are dead. Sam insists she tells him who she is. Ruby shows Sam that she is a demon. Sam heads for the holy water, and Ruby tells him that she is trying to help him out. She tells Sam that she can help him save Dean.

3.01 The Magnificent Seven

Sam is still trying to find a way for Dean to get out of the demon deal.

The boys head to Nevada where they meet up with Bobby to investigate a possible case. Random signs of storm clouds and cicadas just outside Lincoln. They investigate a local home, only to find the people inside have died of dehydration and starvation. They run across two hunters, Isaac and Tamara. Isaac tells them that he doesn’t want to team up with the guys who opened the devil’s gate.

A man by the name of Walter calmly walks into a local store and lays his hand on a woman’s shoulder. She walks over to another woman and tells her that she wants the shoes she is holding. The women tells her no and starts to walk away. Suddenly, the women smashes the shoe women up against her car window until she is dead. She then takes off with the shoes.

Bobby talks to the suspect, only to find out that she doesn’t really remember what happen. She just wanted a pair of shoes. Bobby dumped holy water on her to see if she was possessed. She wasn’t, and soon after watching the video surveillance tape, the boys realize the man they want is Walter.

They head to a bar and wait until Walter arrives. However, Isaac and Tamara beat them to it and head into the bar. As they go to grab their holy water, they get stopped by another man in the bar. Turns out they walked into the wrong place at the wrong time, as the bar was full of demons. They make Isaac drink some drain o and he does and it immediately kills him. After trying and trying, they boys can’t get the door open, so they decide to run it down with their car.

Soon, Bobby realizes who they were and tells them they were dealing with the Seven Deadly Sins. Tamara does the privilege of exorcising Walter. The other demons find them and Tamara kills the possessed Isaac. Bobby takes care of another one, by exorcising it. Dean takes care of Lust, and Sam is left with the remaining three (that only makes 6 demons, are we counting Isaac as one of the deadly sins??) Sam struggles and is rescued by Ruby, another hunter. She takes them down with a special knife she had.

Finally, after all are dead, Sam confronts Dean about his deal with the Crossroads Demon. Dean tells Sam to stop trying to help him because he can’t. If they try to wiggle their way out of it, Sam dies.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Bury Your Dead

A recap from last season reveals the depth of Tony and Jeanne’s relationship, as well as the fact that La Grenouille had Kort spying on them. Tony and Jenny discuss their involvement in a top-secret operation involving La Grenouille. Gibbs learns that NCIS is being investigated because of Jenny’s personal vendetta. Jeanne notes how well Tony shot the gun at the man who held them hostage in the hospital morgue. McGhee discovers a secret CIA operation called “Lodestone” that involved La Grenouille and Colonel Shepherd, who committed suicide 12 years ago. However, Jenny heard from an old friend that her father is really alive. She discovers a bottle of Scotch and a tumbler in her study, then brings it to NCIS for Abby to check the prints. Opening the door to a limo, Jeanne surprises Tony with an introduction to her father, who happens to be La Grenouille, and he greets Tony by calling him Professor DiNardo.

Abby's computer finds Colonel Shepherd's prints all over the glass.

Tony goes for coffee with Jeanne's dad, La Grenouille.

The NCIS team are worried since Tony went MIA the previous night. Jenny informs them that Tony's girlfriend is La Grenouille's daughter.

Tony's car gets blown up and the team believe Tony was in it.

Ducky performs an autopsy on the body discovered in Tony's car and realizes it can't possibly be Tony.

Tony arrives at NCIS.

The team realize the bomb in Tony's car was meant for Jeanne, not him, but when they go to Jeanne's apartment, they find her gone. She left a note for Tony. He explains to Ziva how he had to tell her the truth about who he was.

McGhee discovers a yacht rented by La Grenouille and that someone has been staying on it. They get a warrant and head for the yacht. The search comes up empty. They leave the boat.

The camera pans into the water, showing La Grenouille with a bullet in his head, sinking.